New iMac

Well, I ordered a new computer and I surprised the hell out of myself by ordering an iMac.  I’ve never owned a Mac, and had never been that keen on them in the old days when they were all we had in school.  But after trying the new iMac and comparing it to Windows 8 (Windows just seems to get worse with each new version), I decided it was time to replace my aging HP with this sexy baby.  I’m at the age where I don’t want to tinker with my computer anymore.  I just want to turn it on and love it.  And since I already am in love with my iPad and my iPhone, this just seems like a natural.  Now I feel like Mike Smith (in His Robot Girlfriend) waiting for my Daffodil to arrive.  Many canny readers have already noticed the Apple references in that book.  As soon as she gets here I’ll post a picture.