Astrid Maxxim

Astrid Maxxim Cover

From the 180,000 acre campus of Maxxim Industries, fourteen year old girl genius and inventor Astrid Maxxim works alongside her father, Dr. Roger Maxxim, on projects to make the world a better place.  Her latest invention is a flying scooter—the hoverbike.  Is it the target of an international spy ring, or are they after secret Project RG-7, or Astrid herself?  Astrid has something bigger on her mind though—high school.  There’s a field trip coming, and the Spring Fling is right around the corner… And does Toby like her as much as she likes him?

Astrid Maxxim 2

Girl inventor Astrid Maxxim and her friends are back.  This time Astrid is building an observation dome beneath the sea.  Will she complete her amazing construction project, or will she be sidetracked by underwater monsters, the evil organization known as the Black Hand, or her snotty cousin Gloria?

Astrid Maxxim and the Antarctic Expedition

Teen inventor Astrid Maxxim is back in her third adventure as she makes a journey to the bottom of the planet to uncover the secrets of a mysterious lost expedition. Meanwhile, troubles plague her friends and family as a hostile takeover threatens Maxxim Industries. Join Astrid and her friends as she faces the frozen dangers of the Antarctic, wild animals, mad bombers, and corporate high finance.

Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space Plane

Everyone’s favorite girl inventor is back. The Maxxim space program is in full swing, ferrying supplies to the International Space Station, as Astrid perfects her ground-launched rocket plane. To finish it, she must first deal with Maxxim’s new automotive division, a terrifying vision of the future, and an English class essay, and her cousin Gloria coming for Thanksgiving.

Astrid Maxxim and the Electric Racecar Challenge

Astrid Maxxim, brilliant teenage inventor returns. Astrid is looking forward to racing against a professional driving team to prove her electric racecar can take on the gas-guzzlers. Then without warning, she wakes up in the hospital with partial amnesia. What could have happened to her? Now everyone treats her like she’s brain-damaged! What if her IQ really did drop to 184? What a nightmare!

Maxxim6 draft 02

Genius girl inventor Astrid Maxxim is back! Called to the aid of her friend Océane Feuillée, Astrid leaves her friends and family to journey to an uncharted tropical paradise. Here she must use every ounce of her ingenuity to solve the mystery of Dolphin Island.

The world’s climate is in crisis and Astrid Maxxim is determined to help by building a device to remove carbon from the atmosphere. A journey to the Beijing Auto Show might provide her with a way to get her invention into production faster, but sinister forces are out to get her. What’s a girl genius to do?

Astrid’s life is changing.  She’s growing up and it’s time for her first car.  Her homelife is in flux as Astrid’s mother awaits a new baby, and the teen inventor fills in for her, running a multi-billion-dollar company.  As always, Astrid is out to make the world a better place but plans to solve the water crisis in Africa are thrown for a loop when Astrid’s family and friends are put in danger!

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15 thoughts on “Astrid Maxxim

      • I enjoyed it! It was good of you to put the part in about the Cyber Stalkers. You might save a kid when they read that part of the book. I think my Kids need to be a little older to read these books. My Son is 8 and doesn’t like “Girl Stories” yet and my Daughter is 5, good role models for both of them in this series.

  1. Thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for the support. As a middle-school teacher, children’s safety is something I think a lot about. I hope your daughter gets a chance to read Astrid in three or four years. I was nine when I discovered Tom Swift books, and I was trying to recapture that feeling writing these.

      • I have not read all the original Tom Swift books. When I was a kid, you had to find them at a used bookstore, so I found and read several, but not Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout. I’ll have to download it and read it now. I read all the Tom Swift Jr. books which were really just coming to an end as I was learning about them. In any case, I hope you enjoyed the new Astrid Maxxim book, and thanks for your comment and support.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for asking. Right now, I’m thinking Astrid Maxxim and the Mystery of Dolphin Island will be out this summer, so that means Astrid Maxxim and her Outpost in Space should follow near the end of the year.

  2. Hi can you put out a few updates for the release of the next Astrid maxim books? I’m loving them and constantly checking for when I can get my hands on them 🙂
    please and thankyou xx

  3. While I’ll be 61 next month and an avid reader(as is my daughter) We both find the Astrid Maxxim books very Refreshing! I like your writing style!
    My granddaughter who is 7 also likes them.
    I’m hoping you will do more.

    • Thank you so much. That is so gratifying to hear. The reason I started writing Astrid Maxxim books was to try to recreate the feeling that I had as a kid reading Tom Swift. I have plans for many more Astrid Maxxim books. Next up: Astrid Maxxim and her High-Rise Air Purifier!

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