The Sorceress and the Dragon

The Sorceress and the Dragon Book 0: Brechalon is the novella-length preview to The Voyage of the Minotaur, The Dark and Forbidding Land, The Drache Girl, and the other books which make up the The Sorceress and the Dragon series.  Set two years before the events in The Voyage of the Minotaur, Brechalon tells the story of the Kingdom of Greater Brechalon in a world that is not quite like our own Victorian Age.  The Dechantagne siblings; Iolanthe, Augie, and Terrence plan an expedition to a distant land, hoping the colony they build will restore their family to the position of wealth and power it once had.  Meanwhile the powerful sorceress Zurfina rots in an anti-magic prison, guilty of not serving the interests of the kingdom, and the orphan girl Senta Bly lives her life without the knowledge that she will one day grow up to be the sorceress’s apprentice. The Sorceress and the Dragon is a tale of adventure in a world of rifles and steam power, where magic and dragons have not been forgotten.

In a world of steam power and rifles, where magic has not yet been forgotten, an expedition sets out to establish a colony in a lost world.  The Voyage of the Minotaur is a story of adventure and magic, religion and prejudice, steam engines and dinosaurs, angels and lizardmen, machine guns and wizards, sorceresses, bustles and corsets, steam-powered computers, hot air balloons, and dragons.

Two years have passed since Senta, the sorceress Zurfina, and Bessemer the steel dragon arrived in the strange land of Birmisia.  Now it is up to the settlers to build a home in this dark and forbidding land, ruled by terrifying dinosaurs and strange lizardmen.  Ten year old Senta must discover which is the greater threat, a would-be wizard or the ever-increasing presence of the tyrannosaurus.

More than three years have passed since the colonists arrived in Birmisia, and Port Dechantagne is a thriving colony, with the railway line almost complete.  Twelve year old sorceress’s apprentice Senta Bly, Police Constable Saba Colbshallow, and former maid Yuah Dechantagne must deal with wizards, prejudice, steam carriages, boys riding dinosaurs, and the mysterious activities of the lizardmen.

Everyone in Port Dechantagne seems to have an agenda of their own, from mysterious sorceress Zurfina, to agents from the enemy nation of Freedonia, to the kings and witchdoctors of the mysterious lizardmen.  On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, sorceress’s apprentice Senta finds herself being pulled first one way and then the other.  Will she actually have to split herself into four in order to deal with all her responsibilities?
In this, book 4 in the The Sorceress and the Dragon series, the young sorceress finds herself at a turning point, as she has to step up and fill in for her mistress, the mysterious Zurfina.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Zaeri writer Isaak Wissinger must escape the coming genocide in Freedonia, and ship-wrecked sailor Kieran Baxter must survive alone on a deserted island.  What connection do they have the the Drache Girl and her country of Birmisia?

War has come to Birmisia and the rest of the world as The United Kingdom of Greater Brechalon faces off against totalitarian Kingdom of Freedonia.  Freedonia has fielded its army, including the secret cabal of wizards known as the Riene Zauberei, airships of the Flottenluftkorps, steam-powered war machines, tens of thousands of lizardmen allies, and the dragon-god Hissussisthiss.  Standing between them and their domination of Birmisia is the sorceress Zurfina, the young steel dragon Bessemer, and seventeen year old sorceress Senta Bly.
As the actual battle approaches, Brech society seems ready to split apart, along racial and ethnic lines.  Colonial Governor Iolanthe Denchantagne-Staff, Mayor Zeah Korlann, and Police Inspector Saba Colbshallow must hold the colony together as panicked citizens riot and loot, supply ships are torpedoed by Freedonian submarines, and a gang of murderous lizzies threaten the town.
The Two Dragons is the final volume of the epic story of The Sorceress and the Dragon, a story of adventure and wonder, steam power and magic, prejudice and power, rifles and dinosaurs, love and sacrifice, dragons and lizardmen, and ultimate destiny.

It’s been three years since the Kingdom of Greater Brechalon, with the help of Zurfina the Magnificent, defeated their hereditary enemies, the Freedonians. The world has changed. Port Dechantagne, once a distant outpost of civilization, has grown to be a large city, the center of prosperous Birmisia Colony. Steam-powered carriages share the streets with triceratops-pulled trolleys, fine ladies in their most fashionable bustle dresses lead their lizardmen servants through the shopping districts, and an endless stream of immigrants pours into the region.

The young ladies of the colony are busy with fashion, coming out parties, and securing partners among the smaller male population. Eleven-year-old Iolana Staff, daughter of the colonial governor, has more important things on her mind—the mysterious machine known as the Result Mechanism, and her relationship to the machine’s creator.

Meanwhile, sorceress Senta Bly returns from the continent with a new male companion, an illegitimate daughter, and a long lost brother. Hated and feared for her magic, she must face wizards, assassins, and an old enemy from another reality.

The Sorceress and her Lovers continues the story of The Sorceress and the Dragon, taking up where The Two Dragons left off. It is a story of magic and power, fear and revenge, and love.

New powers are rising in Birmisia. Far to the south, the strange lizardmen of Xiatooq are making themselves known. Closer to home, the new lizzie city Yessonarah finds itself rich in gold—gold the humans covet. As tensions rise, many in Port Dechantagne seem eager to teach the lizzies a lesson in humility. Fourteen year old Iolana Staff finds herself in the center of it all, as she is pulled between her conscience and the conventions of society. Unconcerned with the conflict between human and lizzie, sorceress Senta Bly prepares for her own war, unaware that events will pull her into a life and death confrontation with an old enemy.

The dragons seemingly have returned to the world and are once again in vying for power. Bessemer the steel dragon is worshipped by the reptilian lizzies, while the evil Voindrazius tries to put together a pantheon that he will control. Zoantheria, the coral dragon, feels pulled in all directions. Wanted both by Bessemer and Voindrazius, she is called to a world she has never known, her mistress, the sorceress Senta Bly encouraging her to take up the mantle of goddess. Her heart, however, is pulling her in a different direction, toward the young viscount Augustus Dechantagne. Which will prove stronger– love or destiny? Both Senta and Augie have their own problems, hers with teaching her wayward eponymous daughter the ways of magic, and him dealing with the yoke of leadership and a headstrong mother. Meanwhile, far across the ocean, the Dechantagne girls are taking Brech City by storm. Will one of them land a prince?

In the final installment of The Sorceress and the Dragon saga (Senta and the Steel Dragon), Birmisia Colony is threatened by a new pantheon of dragon gods.  As life continues under the threat of destruction, the citizens look forward to a visit by the King’s youngest son and his new wife, the former Terra Dechantagne.  Cousin Iolana is also ending her self-imposed exile for the promise of a position in the new university.  Meanwhile Police Chief Saba Colbshallow sees his career and family threatened by a murder investigation against him.  Finally, as sorceress Senta Bly waits to face off against Voindrazius the dragon god, other forces plot her death.

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11 thoughts on “The Sorceress and the Dragon

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      • Thanks! I liked Plague of Wizards, but you killed off one of my favorite Characters again. I guess you need to kill off a few to add others. I also liked the Kanana book too, sort of like a ERB Tarzan book. Looking forward to another Astrid or Robot book now.

      • Thank you very much for your support. I killed off one of my favorite characters in A Plague of Wizards. It’s a series that covers a lot of time– about 28 years over the course of the books so far, so people are going to get old and die, and as Birmisia is a dangerous place, more than a few will be killed. I’m glad you liked Kanana. It was envisioned as an homage to ERB. Tarzan books were some of my all time favorites growing up. It was a lot harder to write that I thought it would be. Maybe I’m outgrowing that type of thing (tributes). I am right in the middle of the next robot book– trying to work through a bit of writer’s block. I don’t know why I’ve got it. I have everything outlined but it’s just hard getting it onto paper. There will definitely be an Astrid Maxxim book coming soon. I plan to write at least one a year until I die. A sketched out a brief history of Astrid’s future and I think there are about 50 books there. Thanks again.

  2. So… I have purchased the dragons choice from iTunes but when I go to open it the inside cover says the two dragons, and then it proceedes to be the two dragons book all the way to the end. I dunno if there is an issue with the iTunes copy, or if it’s just me. Thank you,

    • Wow! I am so sorry. There was some kind of mix up in the files. I think I have fixed it, but it will take a day or two to get through the system. I’ll post here when the new copy is available for download at iTunes. You can re-download it free. If you prefer, contact me at and I’ll send you a copy of the ebook directly. I apologize for your inconvenience and thank you so much for supporting my work. If there are any other problems, please let me know.


      • Wesley, Thank you so much for your quick responce and correction of the matter. You have been a favorite ebook author of mine since I found Brechalon years ago, and this is one of the many reasons you are a favorite. Your work is outstanding, you stick to deadlines you update your fan base and correct issues in days (pending vendor involvement.) Many MANY thanks on the quick resolution, I just finished the series in prep to start book 9.

  3. Okay, it is 4/5/18 and the new (and hopefully correct) version of The Dragon’s Choice should be on iTunes. You may have to delete the older file before downloading the new one, and you should be able to download the new version free. I think Jason is all set, but if anyone else has this same problem, let me know. Having a reader not be able to read your book is about the worst thing that can happen to an author.

  4. I love your novels! They are written intelligently and they are vividly descriptive! I really enjoy your witty dialogue!

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