Women of Power: Chapter 9 Excerpt

Southside Office Building;
Conference Room;
“The last of the warheads are armed, Boss,” said Steve.
“Very good,” replied Professor Destruction.  “If only those super-powered morons were half as efficient at killing All American Girl…”
“Let me do it.”
“You, Steve?  You?  You don’t have superpowers and you don’t have my intellect.  She’d use your bones to pick her teeth.
“I can do it.  It’s not about superpowers.  It’s about applying the force necessary, where it’s needed.  I know what to do.”
“Interesting,” replied Destruction.  “It seems that some of me may have rubbed off on you.”
“Have I ever let you down, Boss?”
“You’re still alive, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” Steve answered.
“Then, no.  No, you haven’t let me down.”  Destruction peeled off his sports jacket, letting Steve catch it and hang it up.  Then he began climbing into his personal battle gear.  “Very well, Steve.  She’s all yours.  Don’t fail me.”

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