Astrid Maxxim Update

I am in the middle of Chapter 17 right now, so the first draft of Astrid Maxxim and her Amazing Hoverbike should be done within the week.  It’s originally plotted at 20 chapters (30,000 words) and it may run slightly over that.

When I finish the draft, I’ll probably set it aside for a week or two.  That usually works best for me.  It gives me a little perspective before I start the revision process.  That way when I come back, I can actually read the words without skipping over them when I remember what I wrote.

I should be able to do the revision and then the editing within a few weeks.  This is a short book– about the same size as the Tom Swift Jr. books which inspired me.

In the meantime, I’ll get back to work on Senta and the Steel Dragon 4: The Young Sorceress.

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