New Reviews of Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess

These two reviews were recently posted at Smashwords.

Review by: Nick Angelis : starstarstarstarstar
Finally! I was starting to get worried after I published an ebook with the tag “comedy” and couldn’t find many books in that category worth a chuckle. It was starting to inflate my ego about the ridiculousness I had written until Mr. Allison gently deflated it with this hilarious tale. I chortled, chuckled, and even cackled a few times while reading this book and recommend it unreservedly. That said, I’m off to procure some delicious pies of my own…

Review by: Alan Face : starstarstarstarstar
What a delightful tale! Wesley Allison, author of “His Robot Girlfriend” and the sequel, “His Robot Wife,” has done it again. His characters and style of writing about them in this story reminds me a bit of Mark Twain. He caught and kept my attention from beginning to end and had me chuckling constantly.
Two thumbs up for this one!
Thanks to both of you gentlemen for your kind words.  For those interested, I do have big plans in the works for Eaglethorpe.  There will be a new tale by the great storyteller (liar) or THREE coming soon– hopefully this summer.

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