Eaglethorpe Buxton

I don’t know where the idea came from to write an Eaglethorpe Buxton story, but he does owe a lot to several other authors and stores.  His origin as a medieval story-teller comes right out of D&D and in fact the world in which he lives (including the Queen of Aerithraine) is from the D&D campaign I started as a young man and continued right up until my kids and I used to play.

Eaglethorpe’s line “The Queen of Aerithraine, with whom I once had the pleasure to spend a fortnight” is pretty much stolen inspired by Baron Munchausen, and his line about Catherine the Great.  He also has a bit of Lemony Snicket in him (great books, A Series of Unfortunate Events).  I have always loved unreliable narrators and I tried to make Eaglethorpe one.  Of course, he is a bit more than unreliable.  He’s a complete liar.

In order to make the plot work, Eaglethorpe had to be a bit heroic.  He knows how to handle himself with a sword.  He can kick the crap out of goblins.  But he’s not the hero he thinks he is.

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