Update: Blood Moon

Blood Moon is the sequel to Blood Trade.  We may see a title change before I’m done, because there are already a half dozen books out their called Blood Moon, but it does fit, because it’s mostly about werewolves.  I had an idea for the intro and started writing, finishing just shy of two chapters before I ran out of steam, but I have the basic plot planned out.  I doubt I’ll get back to this before I finish The Young Sorceress or Astrid Maxxim 2, but I might have this one done by the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “Update: Blood Moon

  1. "Blood Chaney"? As in "Lon, Jr." :)Where are these covers coming from, Wes? Who is that playing Xochitl on this cover? And for that matter, who is playing Patience on all the "His Robot …" novels?

  2. Moe, with the exception of Astrid Maxxim, I have designed all my own covers and since I have a limited budget, I have used inexpensive stock photos. I don't know who the models are (though I usually know the name of the photographer).In the case of Xochitl, it was hard to find a picture that would fit, so when I did, I got all the images I could that might work with future books– 3.In the case of Patience, my original photographer was no longer available but I found some pictures of the same model. when I decided on a third book, I did what I did with the other and bought enough for several future books. This model pop up A LOT. I've recently seen her on ads on Groupon and in a flyer for my own doctor's office.

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