The Drache Girl: Graham Dokkins

Graham Dokkins is one of the major characters in the Senta and the Steel Dragon series.  Graham sort of came into his own in Book 2, but he remains extremely important in book 3.  Several plot lines revolve around him and his relationship with Senta.  Graham really compliments Senta and they work well together as a couple, even though they are kids.

One of the things that I’ve been struggling with is how much Graham appears in Book 4, which isn’t much.  In the rewrite, I think I’ll add a bit more of him.

3 thoughts on “The Drache Girl: Graham Dokkins

  1. Wesley, do you have somebody reading your books prior to publishing them? I hope you would not mind if I suggest that. It will help avoid simple mistakes like the ones in book 2. On one page you state that Seeta could not skip through the snow due to the snowshoes and in the next page she is skipping all the way home through heavy snow. Or when Seeta is visiting Hero's house in the middle of the winter and the house is full of fresh cut flowers… Those are poor people, where did they get the flowers from?

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