The World of Senta and the Steel Dragon

I have a huge notebook filled with maps of Senta’s world.  Many of them are political maps of different times in the world’s history.  Others cover parts of the world which do not appear in the series (though they might in a subsequent series).  Here is the part of the world where our story takes place.

Sumir is a fully settled continent that I usually think of as my stand-in for Europe, though as you can see, geographically it is quite different.  Greater Brechalon, Mirsanna, and Freedonia are the most powerful kingdoms.  You can think of them as stand-ins for Britain, France, and Germany.  Zur was once the seat of an empire that covered the continent, but is now relatively insignificant.  Argrathia is an even older society, now surviving off its history.  They are akin to Italy and Egypt.  Arbrax and the northern islands are sparcely inhabited and quite cold.

The northern half of the map is temperate to arctic, though due to ocean currents and possibly magic, Enclep and the southern part of the Mullien Islands are tropical.

Mallon is a huge landmass.  When I imagine it, I think of Asia, with Birmisia being China and Mallontah being India, at least as far as climate goes.  As far as populations, they are more like North America and Central America at the time of European contact, if the Americans had been cold-blooded reptiles.  The aborigines of Birmisa are different than those of Mallontah, though they are both reptilian.  The lizzies of Birmisia are taller, stronger, and more alien to humans.  Those in Mallontah have been completely subjugated by man and fill the slums of crowded human-controlled cities.

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