Kanana: The Jungle Girl — Cover Reveal

I’ve started working again on The Jungle Girl, which now has a new title and cover.  The new title is Kanana: the Jungle Girl.  I originally chose The Jungle Girl for its Burroughsesque quality, as it is a very Burroughsesque story and The Jungle Girl was one of the few of that type of titles that Edgar Rice Burroughs didn’t already use.  However, there is always the possibility that this could become a series and the name Kanana has possibilities for a number of titles.

This story (or any jungle story) naturally borrows from Burroughs, but I’m trying to make it my own.  The mythology of the background and the science fiction nature of the setting takes it in a very different direction than any such story and I think my main character is of a different character (and has a very different motivation) than the usual pulp heroes.  His part of the story is one that Burroughs would never have written.

This is also a bit of an historical novel, with several historic people appearing as supporting characters.  This includes, but isn’t limited to Theodore Roosevelt, whom I’ve always wanted to write about.  I hope people will find him very lifelike, and I am making every effort to make him so.  Most of his dialog in the book comes from the historic Roosevelt’s own words, either written or spoken.

3 thoughts on “Kanana: The Jungle Girl — Cover Reveal

  1. Wes, it's been a year since we've heard about The Jungle Girl. It's nice to know she's back on track. This cover reveal raises a question, though: why is the jungle so muddy? Don't they have a cleaning service?

  2. Lol Moe. Believe it or not, I had already written a scene in which Kanana dunks in the mud to protect from insects, when I found this picture. Maybe I was channeling a similar scene from the horrible Bo Derek Tarzan movie (1985?).

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