The Dark and Forbidding Land – Mr. Vever

Mr. Vever is one of those characters who are just around in the background, though he has a fairly large part in Book 5: The Two Dragons, and even gets an action scene.  His part in Book 2: The Dark and Forbidding Land is mostly as the jeweler who sells Terrence Yuah’s engagement ring.

Though he had yet to move into his shop, Mr. Vever had been for some time working from his home, a small single room house just inside the great wall about half way between the gate and the eastern beach.  Here he cut gems and crafted jewelry, occasionally working on watches though that was not his specialty.  He opened his door to find Yuah and Terrence on his front step.
“Mr. Dechantagne, what a surprise,” he said, motioning them inside.  “And Miss Korlann, it is always a pleasure to see the most beautiful woman in Birmisia.”
“Back off Vever,” drawled Terrence.  “That’s Mrs. Dechantagne now.  We’ve just been married.”
The little man squinted through his spectacles at first one of them and then the other and then back again.
“Funny,” he said.  “You two don’t look like newlyweds… Well, what do I know?  Come in.  Come in.”
“Thank you,” said Terrence, as they stepped inside.  “We’re here to buy a ring.”
Yuah began to feel a bit faint and looking around saw a small chair near the door, which she dropped down onto it, sitting sideways so as not to damage her bustle.  She waved off Mr. Vever’s concerned look.
“Um, well, what type of ring were you looking for?”
“We need a pair of wedding rings,” said Terrence.  “Fourteen karat, I should think.  Simple but stylish.  Not too big.  I don’t suppose we need an engagement ring…”

“We bloody well do,” said Yuah.


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