The Dark and Forbidding Land – Eamon Shrubb

Eamon Shrubb is one of my favorite characters.  He’s just a big lovable lug.  When I originally plotted out the story, he was only in the second and third parts (which became books 3 & 5).  When I spread it out to five books, I didn’t really have much for Eamon in The Young Sorceress, but I got to write his meeting with Saba in book 2.  I had a great time doing that.

“Colbshallow, right?”
Saba looked up to see a big man standing a few feet from him.  Saba was six foot three and this fellow was just as tall, but with broader shoulders and a thick muscular chest.  Though the man was a few years older than Saba, he was only a private.
“That’s right.”
“I’m Shrubb, Eamon Shrubb.”
“Nice to meet you, Shrubb.”  Saba slowly stood up and stretched out a hand, which Shrubb took.
“What’s your Kafirite name, if you don’t mind my asking?” asked Shrubb.  “Um… you are a Kafirite, aren’t you?”
Saba nodded.
“I’ve never seen so many zeets before.”
“I don’t much care for that word,” said Saba, icily.  He was still thinking about Yuah and was predisposed to dislike anyone whom he thought might be aiming an insult even in her general direction.
“Quite right.  Quite right.  As I say, I’ve never met many zee… Zaeri.  I don’t have anything against them though.  I never understood that whole ‘killed Kafira’ thing anyway.  I mean, didn’t she come back from the dead?  That’s a big part of the church.  How could she have come back from the dead if nobody killed her?  All worked out for the best, as far as I can see.”
“Do you always talk this much?” asked Saba.
“No.”  Shrubb looked pensive.  “Quite uncharacteristic really.”
“Good.  My first name is Saba.  What would you say to some fish and chips?”
“I don’t generally talk to my food.”
“Come on.”

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