My Favorite Bits: More Astrid Stuff

I’ve only just begun detailing Astrid Maxxim and all her friends in Maxxim City, but I have a very clear idea about what her world is like.  I am trying to evoke a world that is futuristic and yet is nostalgic, like the 1960s versions of the future from classic sci-fi, and of course my memories of reading Tom Swift.

When Astrid’s friend Austin (who is the only one of the gang who didn’t grow up in Maxxim City) stays over, he is surprised to find that Astrid doesn’t have his favorite video games– Killer Pimp Showdown and Cannibal Apocalypse.  She plays Tetris and Ms. Pacman.

When Astrid wants to plan an escape, she watches both Chicken Run and The Great Escape.  I thought this was pretty funny because of course, Chicken Run is a take-off of The Great Escape– and both are great movies.  (I love Aardman).  Astrid’s favorite move is Princess Mononoke.  (I love Miyazaki too).  I wouldn’t say Princess Mononke was my favorite movie, but it would be in my top ten list.

In case you’re interested, my list of 10 favorite movies might look something like this… in no particular order…

Lord of the Rings Trilogy (It really is one movie)

Star Wars Trilogy (The real one.  It’s not one movie, but oh well)

Snow Falling on Cedars

Princess Mononoke

The Incredibles

Romeo and Juliet (1962)

Love Actually

Silent Running

The Iron Giant

The Reader

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