The Young Sorceress Characters: Cissy

One of my favorite characters in Senta and the Steel Dragon is the reptilian maid Cissy.  In my original trilogy, which became books 1, 3, & 5, she has an important role to play, but we don’t really get to know her.  Her part in those books didn’t change really when I expanded the series.  I just wrote more about her, particularly in The Dark and Forbidding Land, where we get to see a good portion of the story from her eyes.  We see her make a brief appearance in book 0 as well.  In book 4, she shares her part of the story with Yuah.  I couldn’t decide which of them would be the primary story-teller here.  I wanted to write more from Cissy’s eyes, but there were parts of the story that only Yuah could tell.  Hence, splitting the part up for the both of them.

Incidently, we have a large and beautiful iguana that we adopted about 4 years ago who was named for the character Cissy.  Sometimes I even call her Ssissiatok.  She, like the Cissy in the book, is a friendly reptile.

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