Reading Blood Trade

Blood TradeA few days ago, I was talking about a Blood Trade soundtrack.  As I was listening to some of the songs mentioned, I realized that I couldn’t remember some of the events in my own story.  I must be getting old.

So, I started reading Blood Trade.  It may sound vain, but I like to read my own stories.  After all, my goal is to write stories that I would like to hear.

Well, I finished chapter two before I found a typo.  So now, I’m reading and doing an editing pass to see if there are any more.  When I’m done, I’ll upload a new version.  I may also take the opportunity to format the book for paperback.

I don’t sell many paperbacks– almost none, really.  But I like to have them to give as presents.  And there is still something cool about seeing your name on a book, even in this day of electronic media.

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