Getting Ready

Well, I’ve got my important files transferred to my new iMac– my writing, my music, and my pictures.  I’ve got a new version of Microsoft Word ready to go (one of the few perks of being a teacher is $10 MS Office: nice), so now I can get to writing.

I’m really happy with how 82 Eridani: Journey is coming along.  I’ve finished chapter six, and I’m really starting to enjoy writing these characters like I did my people in Senta and the Steel Dragon.

I only have a smidgeon left of Astrid Maxxim, but I’m going to work on Journey until I feel like getting back to her.  For some reason I’m just not ready to write the end of this book, so I’m going to follow my gut.  As long as I get some writing done, I’ll be happy.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. I’ve used Word for years to do my writing. I started using Scrivener last year and found it a revelation. I can organise my work easier than word and they did a free trial. I still use Word for some of the final editing and printing, but won’t go back to writing in it.

    Anyway, Happy writing 🙂

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