Almost a year on WordPress

I just got a message that I needed to renew my domain name–  This reminded me that I have been publishing my blog on WordPress for almost a year.  Prior to that I was on blogspot for almost four years.  This August will be five years of daily blogging.

As I was writing the first paragraph, a notice popped up that my virus protection had been updated on the new computer.  On my HP, last time I updated my virus protection, the whole thing crashed.  I had to uninstall it, reboot, reinstall, and fiddle with a whole bunch of settings.  That is one reason I decided to get an iMac.  I wanted to turn it on and just have the computer work.

I actually managed to sit down and get some writing done yesterday and I’m going to try today.  Sadly with five weeks in January, it means that there are three weeks between writers’ group meetings.  My wife is filling in though.  She doesn’t much care for sexually/violently graphic material, but she is being a good sport and listening anyway.

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