Facebook is a Bummer

I’ve already reduced my time and efforts on Facebook, but I think I’m going to reduce my presence there further.  Facebook is annoying.  They have no problem spamming me with crappy game invitations and using my pictures to sell their ads, but I try to upload more than 10 links to my own page and I get denied the ability to upload for two days, because I’m abusing the feature.

There are a few people that I am glad that I can connect with via Facebook– people I otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect with.  Mostly the messages I see on my “news feed” though are from people I see everyday.  The people I don’t see often that I really would like to send messages to, aren’t on Facebook or don’t use it that much.

The web is always evolving.  I think Facebook has probably reached its peak and has begun its inevitable decline.  Anyone remember MySpace…. AOL…?  I wonder what the next great innovation of telecommunication will be.  Twitter is still on the rise, but I think there is room for something that offers users something new and cool.  I just don’t know what the new and cool is going to be.


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