Which of your children do you love the most?

I’m getting ready to count up book sales for the month so far.  Some books will have high sales numbers and some low numbers, but I don’t necessarily love my best-seller(s) the most.  I have strong feelings for all of my books.  After all, I wrote them because I wanted to write books that I would like to read.  When some books that usually sell very few copies suddenly do well, even if it’s only a little bit, I feel a bit of pride.

Tesla’s Stepdaughters is one of those books.  It’s really different from any other books I’ve written.  Science fiction and fantasy are easy for me, but a mystery (such as it is) seems much harder, and I’m just proud to have come up with it.

When Eaglethorpe Buxton sells well, I’m similarly pleased.  I suppose its a validation of myself as a humorist.  I probably had more sheer fun writing EB than any other book.

I feel good when somebody buys (and reads) Princess of Amathar.  It was my first book and took the longest to write (years and years).

Picking my favorite book or my favorite character really would be like picking my favorite child.  I love them all.  And just like my children, there is a little bit of me in each of them.  Even the evil ones.


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