The Lost Half Chapter

The Sorceress and her LoversI decided to go back and read through the first few chapters of The Sorceress and her Lovers last night, having not worked on them for a few weeks.  I’m reading along through chapter two and… wait a second… it just ends.  I know I wrote the rest of this chapter.  I remember that I had a meeting here with three more characters, and the scene ends just before that starts.  Did I just think them and not actually write them?  No!  I know I wrote them.

So I sat down and began sifting through all my backups.  Not there.  How about my thumb drive?  Then it hits me.  I know what happened.  I wrote the chapter at work while having my lunch, and then I came home.  I forgot to synch my documents and then started working on the version at home.  Then when I eventually did synch the drives, the last version I worked on overwrote the other, longer version.  Boy, that sucks.

Of course, I remember basically what happened, but I don’t remember all the details and I don’t remember the lizzie names I had created.  What a bummer.  Oh, well…

1 thought on “The Lost Half Chapter

  1. Sorry to hear about the missing chapter, Wes! I hope you are able to recreate it or rework it so that the flow of the story is not impeded. By the way, I’m missing ALL the chapters for “82 Eridani” … 🙂

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