Tesla’s Stepdaughters for Kindle

Tesla's StepdaughtersIn a world where men are almost extinct, someone is trying to kill history’s greatest rock & roll band. Science Police Agent John Andrews must negotiate a complicated relationship with Ep!phanee, the band’s lead singer; drummer Ruth De Molay, bassist Steffie Sin, and the redheaded clone lead guitarist Penny Dreadful, as he protects them and tries to discover who wants to kill the Ladybugs.

Tesla’s Stepdaughters is available at Amazon for the Kindle and all Kindle apps for just 99 cents.  Follow the link to Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Tesla’s Stepdaughters for Kindle

  1. Wes, have you given any thought to bundling the “Guide To The World And Music Of The Ladybugs” with “Tesla’s Stepdaughters”? Maybe as an appendix?

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