Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion

It’s that time.  For the entire month of July, Smashwords is having their yearly promotion, featuring literally thousands of books at great savings.  From now until 7-31-13, you can find all kinds of gems.  Of course many of my books are on sale there as well.

You can pick up Astrid Maxxim and her Amazing Hoverbike at 100% off– Free.

Astrid Maxxim Cover

Blood Trade and Princess of Amathar are 50% off– just $1.50.Blood Trade

Princess of Amathar

The Voyage of the Minotaur, The Dark and Forbidding Land, and The Drache Girl are all 50% off– just $1.50 each.

The Voyage of the Minotaur

The Dark and Forbidding Land

The Drache Girl

The Young Sorceress, The Two Dragons, and the Many Adventures of Eaglethorpe Buxton are on sale 25% off– just $2.24 each.



The Two Dragons


Eaglethorpe Buxton Mini

Follow this link to Smashwords, or follow the individual links on the book page.

5 thoughts on “Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion

    • Hmm, this does not seem to be extended to Kobo bookstore, so do I have to purchase it directly from Smashwords to get the discount?

  1. Nevermind, bought all of them I didn’t have before 🙂 Time to start reading and enjoy good books 😉
    I hope the promotion will give you some extra cash 😀

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