A Small Milestone

His Robot WifeHis Robot Wife sold its 8,000th copy this week.  Not a huge number, but definitely a milestone for me and my books.  It continues to do well, and Patience is a Virtue, which has been out three and a half months is doing well also.  The latter is not selling nearly as quickly as the former did on its fourth month, but that is to be expected when one is 99 cents and the other is $2.99.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased and read these books (as well as His Robot Girlfriend, which is a free download).  I appreciate you and your support.


4 thoughts on “A Small Milestone

  1. Just finished 3rd book. Read in two day. That is to explain the joy in reading it. I love mike fight against the system and patience learning what it is to be both human and robot. I hope book 4 is in the works.
    Just a suggestion as it evolves. Patience needs to meet the male version of herself for women. She has found herself and the female friend. While I am sure you will deal with grandma patience in the future stories, as an experiment in evolving consciousness the company would eventually approach mike and patience about the wisdom of trying a child for parents who have lost child, those who want playmate/gaurdian for their child, and the other possibles for a robot child. Given your story lines and that she is one of a few indepenants out there they will naturally seek her and mike as teachers for this idea. Otherwise it’s going to have a high learning curve and cost.

    Just a free suggestion if you want

    • Thanks for your ideas. You actually hit on some of the ideas I have for the next book, specifically Patience working closer with Daffodil, and what types of robots are out there. I’ve hinted that people have bought robots for use as babysitters and even that there were children robots. In book 2, there is the mention of a pedophile buying a robotic child. Thanks again for your feedback and your support.

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