Oops Part II

HRG CharityYesterday I talked about creating a big error in my book.  Well I did it again, sort of.  I was setting up my newest book for publication at Smashwords and created a really big error.  The error wasn’t in the book, but in Smashwords itself.  Instead of typing the title as His Robot Girlfriend: Charity, I typed His Robot Wife: Charity.  Since I typed it in the title section, I couldn’t just edit it.  I had to start the process all over (The Smashwords meta-data reviewer probably hates me).

In any case, it shouldn’t affect the publication timetable.  His Robot Girlfriend: Charity is available for preorder at Amazon now as well as Smashwords, and should be available for preorder at all other ebookstores soon.  It is still slated for release on January 16th, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Oops Part II

  1. Preordered! Unfortunately the Amazon listing is polluted by two 1-star reviews from a pirated sale of the original “His Robot Girlfriend”.

  2. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Apparently some very helpful readers shut down a pirated copy of my earlier book, but the reviews have been carried over to my new book. I’ve sent a note to Amazon. Hopefully, I can get it cleared out. I’ve seen the same thing happen with the two His Robot Wife books.

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