Christmas Eve

HRG CharityHere it is Christmas Eve and I’m several days into my two week winter vacation.  I’m really trying to get some writing done, as it may be my only chance to be a full-time writer until summer, as I start 18 post-grad credits in February.  Hopefully these will be the last classes I take in my lifetime.  It’s not that I don’t like learning, but with the credit equivalent of two PhDs, I’m pretty much done.

I’ve just finished an additional editing (more proofreading really) of His Robot Girlfriend: Charity.  I found three errors, all of which crept in during editing.  When I changed a sentence from “It will free the robots of any command but their own.” to “It will free the robots from any command but their own.” I ended up with “It will free the robots of from any command but their own.”  Well, that’s fixed.  I’m sure somebody will find a typo somewhere though.

Pre-orders are going well, with a little less than a month to go before release.  It’s January 16, 2015.  Mark it on your calendar.

I’m reading through a bunch of partially finished drafts trying both to get inspired and to decide what to work on next.  I really want to finish 82 Eridani: Journey.  I’ve kind of lost the feel a bit.  I definitely want it done this year though.  The fifth Astrid Maxxim book will definitely be done in 2015 too.  I finished four books in 2014, and I’d really like to finish at least that many next year.


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