I Love Apple

Many people deride those of us who love our Apple products as nothing more than “Apple Fanboys.”  Well, I’ll take that badge and wear it.  I love my Apple idevices.  I wasn’t always a big Apple fan though.  I have used a few Apple products over the years, but I wasn’t overly impressed.  They seemed more concerned with style than function and they were expensive.  At school we had a lab of the original iMacs.  They looked cool, but the round mouse was silly.  I had a PowerMac G3 for a while as my work computer and it was fine, but I continued to use cheap Windows machines.

When I wrote His Robot Girlfriend, I used the Windows/Mac division as the basis for my Gizmo/Daffodil robot backstory.  I found Apple an interesting company, and read a few books on it, but at that point owned not a single Apple product.

When the iPad came out in 2010, I went to the store and played with one.  It was the coolest thing ever.  I had to have one.  So I bought one of the originals.  It was great.  (It continues to work great to this day, though now my daughter has inherited it.)  When I saw a commercial the following year for the iPhone 4S with Siri, I knew I wanted it.  I hadn’t even owned a smartphone up until that point.

In 2012, when the iPad with Retina Display (iPad 3) came out, I upgraded.  And the next year, when it was time to put my old HP out to pasture, I decided to get an iMac.  I had seen the 2010 iMacs and thought they looked okay, but the 2012 (which looks just like the current ones) was a sexy beast.  I had also seen Windows 8, and it looked like nothing I wanted.  OS X seemed like it offered a much better “windowing” experience.

I’m not a guy who can afford an expensive new phone every year, so I waited two years to upgrade my iPhone.  When I got a 5S, my wife inherited the 4S, which she still has and loves.  Connecting it to my computer and having every bit of data transfered from the old to the new phone was cool.

Last April, Apple updated the Macbook Air with faster processors, while lowering the price a hundred bucks.  I had been toying with the idea of getting a notebook computer, so I bought one that day.  I ordered it from work online and then drove to the Apple store on the way home and picked it up.  Turning it on, I typed in my password and found all my settings and info ported over from my iMac.  Since then, I’ve split my writing between my iMac and my Macbook.

This month, I actually bought some Apple stock.  I am the proud owner of 2 shares of the World’s Largest company.  That was just for fun, though I expect the value to go up.  More importantly, I’ve had a new reason to love Apple, but that I’ll save for my next post.


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