Brechalon – My Own Review

Brechalon (New Cover)I’ve been reading Senta and the Steel Dragon and have been doing a bit of editing and revising of the same as I go along.  I’ve had a change of opinion about some of these books.  I had the image of what I was thinking as I wrote them as my main view.  Now that I have a bit of time between writing and reading, I think I have a bit more perspective on them.  Here is a quick review of my own book.

When I wrote Brechalon, I was not overly happy with it.  It was designed to be a bit of extra to go along with The Voyage of the Minotaur.  Now I see it more favorably.  There isn’t a lot of plot in this book– no great events or adventures.  But there is a great deal of back story.  There is also a lot of set up for The Voyage of the Minotaur, so much so, that I really wouldn’t recommend reading it without reading Brechalon first.

The book follows the characters of Senta, Iolanthe, Terrence, Zurfina, Zeah, Yuah, and Augie, as they go about their lives.  Angie is arguably in the most adventuresome story, as he is in Birmisia, dealing with dinosaurs and lizzies.  Senta is still a kid.  Iolanthe is plotting and planning.  Yeah is pining for Terrence.  Zeah is being Zeah.  In all of their cases, the book is mostly characterization.  The characters with real plot are Terrence as he descends into drug abuse, and Zurfina who attempts to get out of prison.

I enjoyed this book, but then, why wouldn’t I?  I wrote it.  If you don’t trust me, check it out on your own.  It’s available free wherever fine ebooks are sold.


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