The Drache Girl: My Own Review

The Drache Girl (New Cover)Well, you knew it was coming, since I’m reading through Senta and the Steel Dragon.  This is my own review of The Drache Girl by yours truly.

This was my favorite of the original three parts of the story and I still like it.  It’s not my favorite now though.  That place belongs to The Dark and Forbidding Land and The Young Sorceress, the two newer additions to the series.

The Drache Girl has a sort of “Harry Potteresque” feel to it, because it’s about adolescents and their friendships and problems.  The Sorceress and her Lovers has an adolescent as a main character, but because it’s not Senta, it doesn’t have quite the same impact.

If you would like to check out The Drache Girl.  Pick it up at Smashwords by following this link.  Use coupons code: CB79W to get it for just 99 cents– that’s 2.00 off– now until 410-15.  Thanks and happy reading.


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