The Two Dragons – My Own Review

The Two Dragons (New Cover)Prior to rereading the Senta and the Steel Dragon books, I would have said that The Two Dragons was my favorite.  It certainly has the most momentous events of the series– major character deaths and the tying up of lingering plot lines.  Now, while I still think that it’s a solid book, it’s not my favorite.

The Two Dragons doesn’t have the same ending that it did when I originally wrote it.  Originally, it had a very definite end, and I planned to write no more books in the series.  By the time it was ready for publication though, I had changed my mind, so the last chapter is completely different than it was.  The things that happened in that chapter are still happening, they’re just happening in later books.

The good: Magic battles, dinosaurs, a scary-ass dragon, a huge battle (make that a couple of them).

The bad: At least one major character death.

For those of you who have already purchased The Two Dragons, there is a newly edited version available for free download as you read this.  For everyone else, give it a try.  Follow this link to find The Two Dragons at Smashwords.

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