The Drache Girl Chapter Titles

The Drache Girl (New Cover)

  1. Senta and Bessemer
  2. On the Dechantagne Family Estate
  3. Staff
  4. A New Dress and a New Hairstyle
  5. Police Constable Colbshallow
  6. M&S Coal Company Ltd.
  7. Graham and the Constables
  8. The Return
  9. Life Among the Dechantagnes
  10. A Constable’s Duty
  11. Crime and Punishment
  12. A More Complicated Life
  13. In Search of Coal
  14. Yuah’s Trials
  15. The Glamours
  16. The Traitor
  17. Yuah and Honor
  18. The Paramour Chamber
  19. Senta and Graham
  20. What Happened That Morning Just Before Seven
  21. Revelations



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