Writing Speed

The Price of MagicWonder how long it takes to write a novel?  I’m hard at work on The Price of Magic.  Here’s how its been going so far.  Bear in mind that I’m working full time and taking 18 credits of college classes at the same time.

March 28  Begin

April 1  Chapter One Done

April 3  Chapter Two Done

April 7  Chapter Three Done

April 13  Chapter Four Done

April 16  Chapter Five Done

April 20  Chapter Six Done

April 25  Chapter Seven Done

April 26  Chapter Eight Done

April 28  Chapter Nine Done

May 2  Chapter Ten Done

May 9  Chapter Eleven Done

May 15  Chapter Twelve Done

May 16  Chapter Thirteen Done

Here I am at work on Chapter Fourteen.  The chapters are averaging 4100 words.  Some are longer and chapter thirteen is much shorter.  My outline is 25 chapters.  Watch this space for more info including a  release date.


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