His Robot Girlfriend: The Felicity Project

Larry Richardson is writing his own His Robot Girlfriend story and posting it on his blog.  So far he has three chapters posted.  His characters are interesting and quite different from mine.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Stop by and read it here.  Be sure to leave him some encouragement in the comments.

It is springtime.  The year, 2036.   David’s life is about to be drastically changed when he becomes acquainted with two robots, the vivacious Victoria and the always calm and collected Coleman.

I guess this is a good time to publicly endorse Larry’s work and similar projects.  Please feel free to create your own characters and stories set in the world of Daffodil.  Create your own custom robots and tell their stories.  I would appreciate a small mention in the notes, such as Larry has done– something along the lines of: This story is set in the world created by Wesley Allison’s His Robot Girlfriend.  Have fun and happy writing.



2 thoughts on “His Robot Girlfriend: The Felicity Project

  1. Wesley, thanks for promoting my blog and Robot Girlfriend story. It’s great fun writing it. I am currently working on chapter 12, and will be posting chapters as I edit and make revisions.


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