Free at Last, Free at Last!

The day before yesterday was my last day of the school year.  Although I start my next set of five post-grad studies on Monday, as of right now, I am a professional writer for the summer.  Now I can actually spend some real time writing.

This year wasn’t a bad year, but I’m a lot older than I was when I started.  Finishing up the year really took a lot out of me.  It took me 11 days to write chapter fourteen of The Price of Magic, and it was a long chapter.  But I’ve been working on Chapter 15 for 11 days, and I’m just now getting close to the end.  Hopefully, now I’ll be able to knock out the rest of the book quickly.


4 thoughts on “Free at Last, Free at Last!

  1. Hi, Wesley. First, I want to thank you for mentioning my blog and my current work-in-progress. I have a few followers already, thanks to you. Recently, a few writers I am acquainted with have been tossing around the idea of a graphic novel. I think your stories would be perfect for this sort of thing. Barring that, however, someone suggested posting some graphics on a blog as an added bonus to fans. What do you think?

  2. Wesley, I have a personal question about your blog. A writer friend of mine is worried about plagiarists stealing material from websites like yours and mine. Has this been anything you have found to be a concern vis-à-vis your blog?

  3. Plagiarism is a concern. I keep google alerts for all my titles and my own name and keep an eye open. So far I haven’t had a problem with plagiarism from my blog. Usually thieves are going to try and make money off of their thefts, so they will go for a whole book. I’ve had some try to plagiarize His Robot Girlfriend in total. A bigger problem for me is from sites promising to download my books and others illegally. Usually they don’t even have the book and are using it as part of a scam to steel people’s log ins or credit card info. I send “take down” notices and they usually are taken down pretty quick. In short: it’s a concern, but don’t worry too much about it.

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