Tesla’s Stepdaughters – Chapter 12 Excerpt

Tesla's StepdaughtersThe fortieth floor contained a series of studios where game shows, variety shows, quiz shows, and interview shows were filmed. Studio 40G was the home of the Laura Gunstan Show. Just outside of its doors, the party was split up as the Ladybugs were taken inside and the two Science Police Agents were ushered into a small waiting room that featured a large video screen that showed what was being filmed in the other room.

Wright and Andrews watched as the band was introduced to famous interviewer Laura Gunstan, and then as they were miked and seated on a long couch next to a chair in which the host would sit. It took a good half hour before all the lighting was ready and the cameras were rolling, but at last the theme music played and the announcer introduced the host.

“My guests today need no introduction,” said Gunstan into the camera. “The greatest rock and roll band of all time, whose recordings have broken more sales records than anyone can count—Penny Dreadfull, Steffie Sin, Ruth De Molay, and Ep!phanee—the Ladybugs.

“Good evening ladies.”

“Hello Laura,” said Ep!phanee. “We’re glad to be here.”

“Well, we are certainly pleased to have you on Sunday Night People. How has the tour been going so far?”

“It’s going great,” said Ep!phanee.

“Except for somebody trying to kill us,” added Penny.

“Yes, the explosion and fire in New York were, according the Science Police, the result of a bomb. Are they convinced that you were the targets?”

“We’re pretty sure somebody was trying to kill me,” said Penny.

“But it wasn’t me this time,” said Piffy.

“Me either,” said Ruth.

All three looked at Steffie. “I have nothing to say.”

“But you haven’t had any other incidents, have you?” asked Gunstan.

“No,” replied Piffy. “They’ve been taking good care of us– watching out for us and all.”

“We’ve got a couple of great coppers,” said Ruth.

“I understand that one of them is a man—an Agent John Andrews?”

“THE John Andrews,” said Penny.

“You, Ep!phanee, have been linked romantically to him in the press. Is there any truth to this story?”

“Oh, we’ve been linked alright. In fact, he’s linked the hell out of me.”

“Shit,” said Andrews.

“So you are what… dating?” asked Gunstan.

“Most definitely.”

“That must be difficult in your situation.”

“You bet it is,” said Ruth. “But we’re managing.”

“Shit,” said Andrews.

“You’re dating him too?”

“Oh yes.”

“How about you two?” Gunstan asked Penny and Steffie.

“Not yet, but soon,” said Steffie.

“We’re not really dating,” said Penny. “Just having some great sex.”



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