Princess of Amathar – 1,000th Copy Sold

Princess of AmatharThe week I’m celebrating the sale of the 1,000th copy of Princess of Amathar, my first book.    I started writing Princess of Amathar many years ago– about 1986 or 87.  Like everything I was writing back then, I set it aside and didn’t touch it for many years.  After I started teaching, I pulled it out and started in to finish it.  That was about 1996.  It took me a year or so to finish and then a year to edit.  Then I spent several years trying unsuccessfully to get it published.  Then I set it in a drawer.  One day a friend and colleague suggested I publish it myself, and pointed to Lulu as a place I could do so without a large initial investment.  I published it in paperback in 2007.  I sold a copy to everyone I know– about 69 of them.  The following year, I discovered Smashwords.  I published His Robot Girlfriend first, and then Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess— both of which were free.  Then I decided to publish Princess of Amathar.  This was early on in the Smashwords story (Princess of Amathar was the 2,287th Smashwords book).  Since then, it has sold moderately well as an ebook.  In many ways, it is my weakest book, and I think I’ve grown as a writer since then, but I still have a fondness for it.  It is after, the book that started my writing career, and it’s a book that I wanted to read.

You can purchase Princess of Amathar as an ebook for $1.99 wherever fine ebooks are sold.

P.S. I’ve also sold my 16,000th book overall this week.  I’m pretty jazzed about that.


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