The Crushing Weight of Summer School

The Price of MagicWell, I’ve just finished my second week of five doing three post-grad classes at the same time, and it is tough.  But I’ve only got three more weeks to go.

I’ve have a particularly hard time finding time to write this past week.  Available time goes first to classes.  Then we had family visiting and that took a bit too.

When school let out for summer, I cranked out chapter 15 of The Price of Magic in 11 days.  Chapter 16 took only 4 days.  Chapter 17 only 3 days.  But I’m barely into chapter 18, and it’s been 6 days already.  Maybe I can crank it up now.

The book was originally plotted to be 25 chapters, but I’ve combined two already.  Books 2, 5, and 6 were all plotted out at 25 chapters and they ended up being 21.  Book 1 was going to be 25 and ended up 23.  So we’ll just see.  In any case, if I can get going, I should be done with the draft soon.

Smashwords is now offering to put books up for preorder, even before they are finished, but I think I need to at least have my first draft done before I decide its delivery date.


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