Tesla’s Stepdaughters – History Timeline

Tesla's StepdaughtersHistory

1902 Nicola Tesla invents the transmission of energy, radio and radio-vid, and wireless telephony.

1914 The Great War begins.

1916 Anton Casimir Dilger releases “the disease”, killing 60 million.

The disease evolves into a plague targeting only males.

Worldwide male population reaches its high of 850 million.

1917 The Great War unofficially ends.

1920 Radio-vids become popular in the United States and spread to the rest of the world.

1928 Grace Coolidge becomes the first female President of the United States.

1929 The plague, and the associated costs, drive the world into a Great Depression.

1930 Male population drops to less than 200 million.

1931 The US begins a massive program of migrating male populations to enclaves in the south.

1932 Francis Perkins is elected President of the United States, eventually serving four terms.

1935 The first successful human en vitro fertilizations.

1937 Asian countries follow the US example of sending male populations to the distant south.

1943 Nicola Tesla invents a cloning process, allowing women to vat babies.

Nicola Tesla dies.

The first vat babies are born.

1944 Theresa Maria Berman (Ep!phanee) is born.

Ruth De Molay is born.

1945 Penny Dreadful is born.

1946 Steffie Sin is born

1948 Eleanor Roosevelt is elected the last President of the United States.

1950 Male population hits a low of 10 million worldwide.

European nations begin to send their male populations south.

A half hearted effort is made to move African men. Small numbers move south.

Commercial electronic brains come into use in businesses and government.

1956 The Great Science War begins.

The Science Council is formed.

1957 Tobacco is outlawed by the Science Council.

1959 The Great Science War ends.

Buddy Holly, the last of the great male Rock and Roll stars dies.

1960 Theresa Maria Bergman moves to Los Angeles, Meets Penelope Dearborn.

1961 Bergman, Dearborn, Steffie Sin, and Betty Moore found the Ladybugs.

Bergman changes her name to Ep!phanee, Moore to Betty Rocksit.

1962 The Ladybugs tour the west coast. Dearborn uses the stage name Penny Dreadful.

The Ladybugs remove Betty Rocksit as drummer and hire Ruth De Molay.

1963 The Ladybugs release their first single, Peggy Sue.

The Ladybugs release their first album: Intro.

The Science Council begins requiring monthly contributions of male genetic material.

The Science Council outlaws racial segregation.

1964 The Ladybugs first world tour.

The Ladybugs appear on the Dorothy Kilgallen Show.

The Ladybugs album NOW! is released.

1965 The Ladybugs second world tour.

Penny Dreadful legally changes her name.

The Ladybugs hold 16 simultaneous hits on the Billboard 100.

1966 The Ladybugs third and last world tour.

The Ladybugs purchase Thatch Cay in the Virgin Islands.

Laughing Pink releases their first album.

1967 Blessed Nobody is released.

The first color radio-vids are marketed.

1968 The Ladybugs double album (The Spotted Album) is released.

Ep!phanee releases her first solo album: E-Party.

Penny Dreadful releases her first solo album: Never Stop Rocking.

Steffie Sin releases her first solo album: Love Life Prayer

1969 Matching Tattoos is released.

The Thongs release their first album.

1970 Last confirmed case of the disease.

Naked is released.

1971 Ruth De Molay releases her first solo album: Left Handed Romance.

1972 Ep!phanee releases Memories of Dust

1974 Penny Dreadful releases Carpetmuncher.

Rebel Girls is released.

1975 The Present


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