My Writing: 1983-1989

I continued to write (mostly bad) poetry all through the 80s as I wandered through life without much focus. I had a few interesting jobs, most notably Ambulance driver, but nothing that I thought worthwhile in the long run.

I started writing what would be called “fan fiction” during these years. I didn’t call them that, having not heard of that term at the time, and I didn’t show the stories to anyone. I wrote Star Trek, Tarzan, Pellucidar, and John Carter stories. They were episodic and I didn’t finish any of them– just wrote a few chapters of each.

I also wrote a few chapters of original stories– a couple of time traveling, alternate dimension stories, and a very early version of the first few chapters of Princess of Amathar.

I married my lovely wife in 1985 and my daughter Becky was born in 1989.


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