My Writing: 2007

One day in 2007, a friend and fellow teacher and I were discussing World of Warcraft, and I commented that I would rather spend the time creating my own worlds than playing around in someone elses. He said. “When you write the book, I’ll read it.” I whipped out Princess of Amathar and gave him a typed copy– which he didn’t really want to read.

He asked if I had ever heard of Print on Demand, like Lulu. I looked into it and liked what I saw. Here I could publish my book without a huge investment on my part. At least a few friends and relatives could get copies. I would “vanity” publish it. I did, and friends bought it. I spent $50.00 and bought an ISBN (which seems expensive now, but wasn’t then) and it appeared at Amazon.  By the end of the year, it had sold a whopping 87 copies.

All of a sudden, I thought, “Hey, I wrote a book. I bet I could do it again.”

I sat down and plotted out a huge steampunk story. I had many inspirations. I wanted to write a huge multigenerational story– a fantasy version of James Michener. I was also fascinated with the Victorian mind set and Imperialism and its affects on local indigenous people. I plotted out a big story in three parts, generally based upon what a I thought a fantasy version of colonial imperialism would look like, and started writing.


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