My Writing: 2012

The Young Sorceress (New Cover)I had been putting off writing the book to go between the already completed volumes three and five of Senta and the Steel Dragon.  But at the end of 2011, I finally started.  I varied the formula a bit from previous books.  Instead of following a single character for an entire chapter, I flipped back and forth within a chapter.  The result was that I went wildly off my outline, and by the time I was done, I was exhausted and not very pleased with the final product.  Going back and reading The Young Sorceress though, I like it better than I thought I did.

Once The Young Sorceress was done, I revised the long-finished The Two Dragons.  I changed very little except for the final chapter which was entirely rewritten, and the long epilog I had originally written was removed.  I had decided by this time that I might want to continue the series at a later date, so the epilog had to go.

By the time I finished these two Senta books, I was feeling quite heavy.  I thought I would write something light. I dusted off my manuscript of The Jungle Girl and wrote several new chapters.  I even created a new cover for it.  Then I just became unhappy with it.  I went back and changed it from a first person story to a third person narrative, but in the end, I put it back in the proverbial drawer.

I had long thought about writing another Eaglethorpe Buxton story.  I started in on Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Queen of Aerithraine, which is kind of a continuation of the two previous stories.  By the time I was done, I had not only thought of two more stories, but I decided to publish them all together as a five book set.  The Many Adventures of Eaglethorpe Buxton was published just before Christmas.



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