Women of Power – Chapter 3 Excerpt

Women of Power NewAll American Girl looked up into the horrible, grinning face of the Atomic Jack-O-Lantern.  He didn’t speak.  He just stared at her with that frightful face and glowed with the radioactive energy that was even now, draining away her life energy.  Suddenly a blue and white streak hit the Jack-O-Lantern in the chest, knocking him away.  Stella took a deep breath and tried to refocus her vision.  She was so weak that it was difficult to even move up into a sitting position, but she could slowly feel the energy returning to her muscles.  A minute later the blue and white streak was back.  Standing over her like a blonde goddess was Skygirl.

“No fricking way,” said Stella.

“Here, let me help you up.”

“I can get up myself.”  Stella climbed to her feet.  Her knees felt like overcooked pasta.  “Where’s glow boy?”

“He’s gone.”  Skygirl brushed her honey hair back behind her ear.  “I hit him three or four times, but then he just kind of blinked and disappeared.”

“Yeah, he does that,” said Stella, looking sidelong at the other super.  “You don’t have your boots on.”

“I was just out for a walk,” said Skygirl.  “You know, in my secret identity.”

“Your what?”

“My secret identity.”

“You’re Linda Ford,” said Stella.

“Shh.  Not so loud.”

“It’s not a secret.  Anybody can Google you and find it.  It’s at the top of your Wikipedia page.”

“What are you so upset about?”

Stella put her hands on her hips.  

“Well first of all, my home got knocked down, and all my stuff is gone.  Then a glowing excuse for a Halloween costume tried to kill me, and you let him get away.”

“We’ll get him next time.”

“We?  There is no we.  There’s just me—me and Chicago—my kind of town.”


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