Blood Trade – Chapter 8 Excerpt

Blood TradeWhen she had finished with her last article of clothing, her tie, she spotted the large manila envelope on the bed.  It was supposedly important enough for him to come back to the room for.  Opening it, she found half a dozen 8×10 reproductions of very old black and white photographs.  The first one featured a man standing next to an old time car.  Xochitl didn’t know anything about cars, but she recognized the man immediately.  It was Israel, the vampire.  He had shoulder length wavy hair and his trademark van dyke.

“When was this taken?”

“1926,” replied Dominic, standing up and walking over.  He pointed at the car.  “That’s a 1926 Pontiac Series 6.  And you see who that is?”

“Yes.  Israel, or Leopold Sansonne, as he was known then.”

“Wow,” said the FBI agent.  “How long have you known his name?  I just got that bit of information last night while you were asleep.”

Xochitl shrugged and flipped to the next picture.  It was a group shot.  It was three men she didn’t recognize along with the same vampire.  The next one was more of the same.  The fifth picture was Israel with an unknown dark-haired woman.  It was pointless looking at any more of the photos.  She didn’t know any of the people in them.  She started to shove them back in the envelope, but quickly scanned the last two anyway.  One of them stood out immediately and she grasped both edges, letting the rest of the 8x10s fall to the floor.  This picture was of Israel standing in front of a café of some sort with a short woman.  Wearing a knee length dress and a long string of pearls, she looked the part of a classic 1920s flapper.  Though her blond hair was cut into a cute little bob, she was easily recognizable—Novelyne.

“I knew she knew him,” said Xochitl.

“You might have given me either of those tidbits.”

“I don’t…”  She stopped and tugged on her lip ring with her tongue for a moment, trying to think of the right thing to say.  She had almost said, “I don’t know you well enough to hand over that kind of information to you.”  But that made her sound like a slut, because she apparently did know him well enough to jump into bed with him.  “I haven’t had a chance to tell you.”


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