Blood Trade: Chapter 11 Excerpt

Blood TradeThe morning light streaming into the window was hitting Xochitl right in the face, but that wasn’t what had awakened her.  It was an annoying buzz.  It took her almost a full minute to realize that it was her cell phone ringing.  It took her another minute to find it lying amid the bedclothes.  By then it had stopped ringing.  She pushed the call back button and put her head back on her pillow, rolling to the side to keep her eyes out of the sun.


“You called?”

“I did.  I thought you might still be up,” he said.

“I’m getting ready to get up soon.  I’ve been asleep.”


“Did you call me to tell me how much you miss me?” she asked.  “Are you like a star-crossed lover now?”

“You mean starry-eyed lover, and no, I called to check in, and to make sure you’re alright.  A lot’s been happening there.  I guess the bureau picked the wrong time to call me in.”

“Or the exact right time,” she replied.  “Do you know what’s going on?”

“That’s what the meeting was all about.  It seems the vampires have been planning on supplanting the Chicago mob for some time.  The bureau has been following it.  They just didn’t know when it was going to happen.  Well, it happened.  Tony the Pipe is dead and it looks like just about everybody who was working for him is too.  Israel is running the show now.  He cut off the head and simply took over the organization.”

“That sounds awfully risky, even for a vampire,” said Xochitl.

“Maybe.  But he’s done it before.  He did it during prohibition, in the twenties, in Detroit.  He took over an entire organization smuggling booze into the U.S. from Canada.”

“That would be when those pictures you showed me were taken.”

“Right.  And one more thing… apparently Novelyne was right there with him.”

“She was Bonny to his Clyde?”

“Well, they had a relationship,” said Zielinski.  “My question is… Is she in on this with him now?”

“I don’t think so,” replied Xochitl.

“But you’re not sure.”

“No.  I’m not sure.”


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