Characters: Sky Girl

Women of Power NewLinda Ford, also known as Skygirl, is the second character (title character if you will) of Women of Power. She is the daughter of Earth’s greatest hero, Skyman, who was killed defending the Earth from an alien invasion. Her mother was the evil Madame Mesmer, who seduced Skyman, but Linda was raised by her step-mother Doris Drake-Ford. She has all the powers of her father (though perhaps not as strong as him in any area). She has super strength, invulnerability, supersonic flight, super breath, x-ray vision, heat vision, and several other kinds of super vision. She is vulnerable to disease and poison and to Polarite, the fragmented remains of her father’s home planet.

Linda lives her life seemingly unaware that the world knows who she is. She wears a brown wig and sensible clothes as a disguise, even though anyone can find her name at the top of the Skygirl Wikipedia page. She tends to be naive and silly, much to the annoyance of All American Girl.

Linda was a very fun character to write. She makes a great foil for Stella (AG). She is of course a parody and tribute to super characters like Supergirl, though personality wise, she’s more Mary Marvel. My favorite little detail was that when Skygirl and All American Girl play rock, paper, scissors, All American Girl always wins. She knows that Skygirl will always pick rock, because anyone who has to worry about a rock that can kill them all the time will always pick rock.


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