Characters: Robot Valerie

Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space PlaneIf you read yesterday’s excerpt, then you have a good idea of where Robot Valerie comes from.  She was designed and built by Astrid and programmed using Valerie Diaz’s memories.  This works spectacularly well– too well.  It creates a living thinking version of Valerie that is a robot.  Robot Valerie is quickly adopted into the Diaz family and the two Valeries end up acting much like twins.

Robot Valerie has a great deal to deal with in negotiating her way through life.  People see her differently than she expects them to.  She ends up being closer friends with Astrid than Regular Valerie is, since Astrid is always coming up with upgrades for her.  Then of course there are those out there who would like to capture such a valuable piece of hardware, so Robot Valerie is under almost constant threat of kidnapping.


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