Kanana the Jungle Girl – Update

Kanana: The Jungle Girl -- Cover RevealThey say that everything has its time.  I posted in April 2012 that I was hard at work on a story called Kanana the Jungle Girl.  In September 2012, I posted that I was putting on the back burner.  In March 2013, I went back and rewrote the outline for the project.  Well, this past week, I pulled the manuscript out and started writing.  It was plotted as a eighteen chapter book.  In the past four days, I’ve written three chapters and combined a fourth into one of the three I finished.  At this point I’ve only got five more chapters to go.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel like I can polish these off pretty quickly.

As I mentioned the other day, this story is a sort of reverse-Tarzan type story with a couple of differences. It takes place on a mysterious unknown continent on a vastly different alternate Earth (in fact, it’s a ringworld), around 1913. It features alternate world versions of a few historical individuals, notably Teddy Roosevelt. I optimistically said I thought I could finish it off in a month or two.  At the rate I’m going now (knock on wood) it might be days.  Watch this space.


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