Characters: Mike Smith

His Robot GirlfriendOver the past several weeks, I’ve talked about the characters in Blood Trade, Women of Power, and finally Astrid Maxxim and her Amazing Hoverbike.  Now it’s time to move on to His Robot Girlfriend and its sequels.

The story that became His Robot Girlfriend consisted originally of some short flash fiction and the characters were not very well developed. When I decided to turn it into a book, I completely rewrote it, adding an ending. I had to turn some cardboard people into real characters. In the case of Mike Smith, I just decided to make him– me. This was pretty easy, because the original was from the first person point of view.  He was a school teacher, about five years older than me, when I started, and instead of being happily married with two kids, he was a widower with two surviving children. Personality-wise, language-wise, and description-wise, he’s about as close to me as I could get. As I neared the end of His Robot Girlfriend, I started feeling a little uncomfortable that he was so much like me, and I began working in little things that made him at least somewhat different. In the end, physically at least, Mike changes quite a bit. Patience really gets him into shape. I started at the gym, just in time to injure first my knee and then my achilles tendon.  In His Robot Wife, Mike has a similar knee injury.

By His Robot Wife, Mike has become a fairly sharp-dressed, in shape retired fellow.  This was a natural progression from the end of the first book.  So, he’s no longer really very much like me physically, but he’s still pretty snarky.


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