His Robot Girlfriend – Politics

His Robot Girlfriend is Free on iBooksPeople accuse me of having all kinds of hidden agendas in the robot books, both political and otherwise. Some have suggested that I’m a radical environmentalist because of the prominance of the Green Party in the story, and the inevitability of global warming. I do care about the environment, but the reason that the Green Party plays a part is that I thought it would be more fun to have three parties vying for the presidency than two.

Others have said the story is a thinly veiled treatis on same-sex marriage. There is a reference to the fact that same-sex marriage is more common in the future of the story. That is not an endorsement by me. I don’t have really strong feelings about it one way or the other. I do think the institution of marriage is being damaged less by same sex couples than by people (either gay or straight) who practice serial monogamy– getting married and divorced over and over again. I’ve been married to the same woman for 30 years.

One area that few people get is the parallel of Apple Computers. I tried to parody and reference Apple in a number of ways. I find Apple and Apple fandom both interesting and humorous. On the other hand, though I wasn’t part of it when I wrote the first book, I wouldn’t give up either my iPad, my iMacs or my iPhone 6 for anything now.


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