The Price of Magic : On Its Way

The Price of Magic - NewIt’s two and a half weeks until Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 7: The Price of Magic arrives on ebook.  I am doing the final proofreading, searching out any typos.  I’m kind of surprised that any could have survived this long.  The book has undergone many revision steps with the help of my writers group.

Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 7: The Price of Magic is available now for preorder at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks, and will be available December 4th wherever fine ebooks are sold.

New powers are rising in Birmisia. Far to the south, the strange lizardmen of Xiatooq are making themselves known. Closer to home, the new lizzie city Yessonarah finds itself rich in gold—gold the humans covet. As tensions rise, many in Port Dechantagne seem eager to teach the lizzies a lesson in humility. Fourteen year old Iolana Staff finds herself in the center of it all, as she is pulled between her conscience and the conventions of society. Unconcerned with the conflict between human and lizzie, sorceress Senta Bly prepares for her own war, unaware that events will pull her into a life and death confrontation with an old enemy.


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